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Desktop Backgrounds by MDF Consulting

Over 100 high quality .jpg imagesİ for your desktop background(wallpaper)! Reduced sizes of images are provided under six categories for your review- identifying the one image you wish together with your name and home address. The image, suitable to be used as wallpaper on your PC, Mac or UNIX box, will be e-mailed to you free without obligation. For additional images, identify the image(s) by their subdirectory and file name in an e-mail, and send a hard copy of your e-mail together with your name and home address, and $1 for each image to

MDF Consulting
28 Westbury Drive
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
Attn:MD Fischer

Upon receipt of funds (American currency or check, or equivalent funds in foreign currency), image files will be e-mailed as attachments. An additional $3 per order is required if files are requested or required to be sent on a 3 1/2" floppy. An additional $5 per order is required if files are requested to be sent on a CD. Images are for personal/family (home or office) use only. Image files are compatible with Windows98, Windows2000, UNIX, and MacOS. Files compatible with Windows95 will be sent upon request. Media compatible with MacOS will also be sent upon request if transmission by 'snail mail' is purchased. Contact MDF Consulting for inquiries on commercial use of the images.

All images are about 1024X940 pixels and a .jpg quality of 7 or 8. This size is fully adequate for up to a 21" monitor set at up to 1280X1020 pixels. True color or thousands of colors are recommended for the monitor set-up. Contact MDF Consulting for any special inquiries or questions.